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ISIS UNVEILED: International Survival Instinct Strategy : Infant mortality rate controls population growth.

By R. Ashok Kumar, B.E.,M.E(Power), Negentropist, Bombay Sarvodaya Mandal, 299, Tardeo Road, Nana Chowk, Mumbai-400007.

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This figure shows that the greater the infant mortality rate of a country, the greater is its population growth.
Source of data for Figure SI: Department of Economics and Statistics, Tata Services Ltd., 1998. Statistical Outline of India: 1998-99. Tables 264 & 265.


1 Study of the India Population from 1911 to 2005 shows that the annual growth rate of India population correlates extremely significantly with the excess infant mortality rate over the compound interest rate 1999/1911. The population of India follows the infant mortality rate. The higher the excess infant mortality rate, the higher the annual population growth rate (Figure SIAGR). An explanation of this behaviour which is not confined to India as is dramatically brought out in the headline chart (Figure SI above and Figure ISIS below), is given in the URL:

The logarithmic regression(better than linear regression) between the percent compound annual growth rate and the excess infant mortality rate for India is brought out in Figure AGREIMR.

Figure ISIS below brings out the logarithmic regression in the International case:

2. The highly destabilizing feature of the high infant mortality rate (IMR) over India’s population which had remained constant at 120-140 million for ten thousand years and started rising from 1850 and is still rising, is the population explosion. The explosion in the IMR has for its basis in the nuclear activities from around 1943 till date and continuing. The URLs
http://stopnukes.rediffblogs.com/ and
http://deathdealersnukes.blogspot.com/ as well as http://plutoniumaradiumabillionpeoplehitdna.blogspot.com/ (or
which tell the story of the cold war and other nuclear activities resulting in 23 million infant deaths between 1945 and 1993(one infant mortality every one to two minutes) in India alone. The survival instinct then caused the population to keep pace with these deaths(Figure PDE):

3. It is perhaps a reasonable theory to propound that all efforts at providing good health care to the mother and the infant proved futile against the surge wave of strontium- 90 damage to the bone marrow by inhuman cold war hydrogen bombs exploded in the atmosphere with impunity by the nuclearisers, sublime in the knowledge that these infant mortalities would be perfect murders (Andrei Sakharov,1992. Memoirs. Vintage).
4. According to Gofman (John W. Gofman.1981. Radiation and Human Health. Sierra Club Books.), the nuclear power plants behave similarly to the exploding hydrogen bombs in the atmosphere because of their mandatory effluents even during normal operation. Lovins et all have shown in their works(Lovins and Price.1980.Non-Nuclear Futures)and(Hawkins,P.,Lovins AB and Lovins,H.,1999.Natural Capitalism, Rocky Mountain Institute, Snowmass, CO ),that nuclear power nowhere makes economic sense. Energy audits of programmes of nuclear power plants have shown conclusively that the nuclear programmes guzzle fossil fuels for a long time and have no utilitarian value of providing energy to society and of abating global warming.It is not the point that the nuclear plants emit no carbon. If one wants a sizable effect on the greenhouse effect, the nuclear plants will not deliver because of their long construction times and requirements for energy which will effectively continue for decades, if not centuries! The nuclear waste problem is insoluble. Even then, those in power would still put up the bogey that nuclear power plants would be saving the world in part from climate change by global warming!

For the energy audit of the Indian Nuclear Programme see the URL:(please paste onto the addressbar to view)


This URL shows that even a quarter of a century later, by 2025 or 2030 AD, no nuclear power will be available to society. In fact the Nuclear programme will be still paying back the energy consumed by the nuclear industry, by the time one set of 2 x 1000 MW nuclear reactors is decommissioned in 2025/2030!

For overview of the nuclear programme of the USA(Cost Rs 45 Crores per Megawatt!) with a similar story, see the URL:(please paste onto the addressbar to view)


For the health effects of nuclear power worldwide even during normal operations(200000 fatal cancers every year), see the URL:(please paste onto the addressbar to view)


It is worthwhile reemphasizing that just one full-blown nuclear accident- Chernobyl- caused more than a million infant deaths(including still births) in India alone during 1986 to 1993(Figure cir9485ID and Table IMC):

All the estimates of the infant deaths due to the Chernobyl accident are statistically extremely close to the average of about a million:
Chisquare sum= 4.0; degrees of freedom 5 and Chisquare probability 0.544. For the population parameters the references are those cited in the link URL mentioned in Table IMC.

5. An explosion of nuclear programmes around the world will cause the tragedy of the exploding infant mortality rates once again. For India up from the present rate of 65 per thousand live births. This would in turn explode the population of India from the present billion and odd!
6. Immediately, India can put forth a crash programme of vapour absorption air conditioning and make available 50000 MW of electric capacity to power legitimate needs. See the URL:

7. People should consider discarding modern civilization in rapid phases and switch over to normal ways of life. See the URL:


In addition by using and enjoying pedal power and animal power in a kind healthy way instead of performing stationary bicycling, normal ways of life preserve energy in cycles of use and generate millions of gainful employment opportunities without artificial nukes:URL:(please paste onto the addressbar to view)


A quote from this URL shows how infinitely superior is living energy use is in comparison to any nuclear programme canvassed for alleviating global warming:

“Land area required by the nuke process 600 km^2 more than living energy use!

“We must also consider the extra land requirement of 600 km^2 for the nuclear process. We stated above that Khadi requires for the process 200 km^2 land area. Growing forests on this area of the analogous type compared to the original indigenous forest species at 30 kg/m^2 dry biomass density results in a power flow through the trees of 1800 MW/km^2 compared to a power production of 27.5 MW/km^2 by the nuclear fuel cycle. And since we require 800 km^2 for the n-fuel cycle of 22000 MW capacity, the power flow on this area amounts to 1.44 million megawatts by the trees! This is 65 times what the n-fuel cycle produces on the same area. And in an economy of production, consumption and return, this goes on indefinitely whereas the n-reactors will have ended their lives by 20 years individually! Further, the nuclear fuel-uranium- is depleted and hence for all practical purposes we have the following insoluble problem: This particular used fuel is no longer available after the energy has been converted to electricity. The radioactive by products formed after the fissioning process have to be isolated from the biosphere for at least 300000 years, but there are actinides which require a billion years isolation!”
Reforestation is using the nuclear energy of fusion by bringing nature into the center of all activities again and this is a must now:

See the URL:


Practice production,consumption and RETURN as the normal way. The principle of perfect design is to design around our ignorance so we can live in a state of health and not just in a state of absence of disease now and not in some fantasy world which would perhaps one day enable nuclear waste disposal.

8. Provided we change over from profligacy to normal ways of living, it would make sense to replace the present health care system by one which delivers health care publicly to each and every person who needs it and must be part of the rights of every citizen and must be implemented without delay. See the article by Arati Rao, Universal care - still miles to go, in the URL:


1. The source for growth of population, birth rate and population for India is Tata Services Ltd., Department of Economics and Statistics.1998. Statistical Outline of India 1998-99. Tables 34,35, pp45-46.



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